Insomnia? Try Yoga.

Can't sleep? Try Yoga.

Did you know that yoga can help with Insomnia?

According to a 2020 Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (high-level evidence), there is a "direct correlation of total class time with quality of sleep among other related benefits" for women who practice yoga.

A regular practice of yoga is a direct way to enhance your body's stress response, modulate neuroendocrine functions, and improve sleep.

The Healing Collective is now offering Zoom Yoga Classes with Dr. Jessie, an experienced Medical Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, so you can practice this ancient technology and get the great benefits for your nervous system, sleep, body, mind, heart, and life!



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"Scientific Research on Yoga and Sleep" YogaAlliance YouTube video. Accessed 1/22/2022. Available online:

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