The Healing Collective Philosophy

"We believe the body contains infinite healing capabilities. We are devoted to identifying and correcting imbalances so your body’s intelligence can heal and sustain a life of optimum wellness.”


Utilizing Functional Medicine, we partner with you in support of your healing journey: from insight to healing, from healing to wellness, from wellness to thriving, and ultimately to living as the best version of your whole self. Throughout the process we hold the vision of you as fully balanced, well and thriving.


We support your body’s ability to heal itself by identifying what is missing, and replacing it, and identifying what is in excess, and removing it. Balance helps to restore the body’s natural state of health and wellness. We offer an integrative approach with personalized care to work with you to resolve chronic or confusing conditions.


As a collective of healing providers, we have you covered. From Functional Medicine, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Dementia Prevention & Treatment, Online Yoga & Meditation, and so much more!


Tracy Shulsinger, Boulder, CO Functional Medicine Physician

Tracy Shulsinger, FNP-C

Functional Medicine

SPECIALTIES:  Functional Medicine, Autoimmune Disease, Thyroid Disorders, GI Issues, Detoxing & Toxicity Testing, Hormone Balancing, Women’s Health, Acute and Chronic Care.

Raechel Koob, MA and Life Coach

Raechel Koob, MA

Medical Assistant & Nutrition

SPECIALTIES:  Raechel is a certified Medical Assistant, Holistic Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach. She is available to assist with appts, and help answer your questions.

Gae Russo Medical Admin Assistant

Gae Russo

Director of Operations

SPECIALTIES:  Gae strives to create a positive and nurturing environment. She will answer your questions, help you set up appointments, and promote efficiency in the office to respect you and your time.

Jessie-Tierney-PT,DPT,E-RYT-Circle-transparent-background-bio-photo (1).png

Dr. Jessie Tierney, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy

SPECIALTIES:  Jessie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Functional Manual Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, PEMF Therapy and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).

Martha Hammel Boulder, CO Nutritionist

Martha Ann Hammel, MS

Certified Nutritionist

SPECIALTIES:  Martha is a nutritionist and a certified neuro-nutrient recovery coach. She specializes in anxiety, depression, brain health, eating disorders, and addiction.



“When I found Jessie and Tracy, I suffered from discomfort due to a broken rib, aches and pains, and a constant, low-level feeling of illness. Over the course of just a few months, they have helped me get on the right course to health. Each took the time to really listen to my concerns and designed a combined course of treatment that has improved my life considerably: FSM, a dramatic change in diet, and the introduction of supplements. Since, because of their treatment, I have lost a significant amount of weight and no longer feel sick. In fact, I would say that I feel better than I have in 20 years. The team at the Healing Collective are fantastic and I highly recommend them!”