Now offering HeartMath Biofeedback

With Janet Krein, PA-C

Janet is a Heart Math Interventions Practitioner offering empowering one-on-one biofeedback sessions to clients at The Healing Collective. Janet guides you through techniques to achieve coherence in as little as three minutes, using technology that has been researched for over 23 years.

HeartMath and many other independent labs have conducted and published extensive research that supports the effectiveness of developing coherence. This technique has been shown to help with reducing PTSD, cultivating joy, reducing blood pressure, decreasing pulse, improving heart rate variability, improving quality of life, improving health, achieving greater benefits from physical exercise, altering heart-brain neurodynamics, improvement of self-regulatory capacity, psychosocial wellbeing, improving system-wide order, enhancing spiritual practice, emotional regulation, improving post-brain injury symptoms, reducing anxiety, achieving mental clarity, salivary IgA, and is being studied as a way to bridge personal, social and global health. This brief list just scratches the surface of what this simple yet effective technique offers. And Janet is passionate about making this accessible to our patients/clients here at The Healing Collective.

Learn more and schedule your session with Janet at The Healing Collective!


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