Tracy Shulsinger, FNP-C, MSN

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Tracy is the owner of The Healing Collective Functional & Integrative Medicine. 


As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Tracy has worked with all ages of men, women & children, initially providing primary care for underserved populations in pregnancy care, women’s health, pediatrics, psychiatric, acute and chronic care, & home health. Prior to practicing as an FNP, Tracy was an RN for eight years in cardiac care, primary care, orthopedics medical/surgical, psychiatric care, women’s health, home health, and camp nursing. 

Tracy has also enjoyed several medical missions to Central America and has developed Spanish language fluency. 


Tracy found her true calling through Functional Medicine as she always has wanted to support clients to create deep, everlasting healing from the inside out.


Outside of work, Tracy enjoys practicing & teaching shamanic healing, spending time in nature, dancing, and making pottery. 

To learn more about Tracy's Shamanic Healing practice

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Dr. Marty Bloch, MD, MDH

Medical Doctor & Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Bloch has a broad background in both holistic and conventional medicine.  His first experiences, both as a patient and as a provider, were in body-centered modalities, experiencing Feldenkrais Movement Therapy and Rolfing as a teen and studying massage therapy, Cranio-sacral osteopathy, and movement therapy in his 20’s.  Prior to entering medical school, he also studied acupuncture and classical homeopathy. He completed medical school at the University of California, San Diego and internal medicine residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.


Dr. Bloch’s experience in conventional medicine includes board certification in internal medicine, care of hospitalized patients including intensive care patients, hospice and palliative care medicine, and care of the opioid-addicted patient.


Dr. Bloch’s experience in holistic medicine includes as a teacher at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and as a practitioner in integrative clinics including therapists, chiropractic physicians, and medical nutritionists.  His most unique training is as a classical homeopathic physician, being the only MD member of the American Institute of Homeopathy in Colorado. In addition, he is working towards certification in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Dr. Bloch has known Tracy Shulsinger for over a decade, when they were both working at Boulder Community Hospital, and is excited to be joining The Healing Collective as it transitions into the Niwot office.

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Janet Krein, PA-C, MS, PS, IBLC



Janet brings 29 years of experience in Pediatrics and most recently Family Practice to The Healing Collective.  She has had Primary Care certification since 1990 when she graduated from the Yale University School of Medicine's Physician Associate Program.  Janet holds Masters of Science Degrees in Biological Science and Physician Assistant Studies. 


Janet continued her studies at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine) in subjects including Nutrition & Diet, Prevention, Aromatherapy, and Supplement prescription.  She completed a 6-month Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program (iHeLP) program through AZCIM. 


Janet developed an interest in Biofeedback techniques and Mind-Body Medicine, and is a Certified HeartMath Practitioner. Janet has worked extensively with mothers and infants to establish and maintain breastfeeding and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2007.  She believes that breastfeeding is protective for both mother and infant against chronic disease and establishes a healthy microbiome.


Janet began taking Functional Medicine seminars from IFM, the Digestive Intensive from Functional Nutrition Lab and has a special interest in SIBO, IBS and gut health.  Over the past five years, Functional Medicine Studies are showing that emphasis on Lifestyle changes and Diet changes can reverse and prevent chronic disease.  Janet is very pleased to join The Healing Collective to continue to teach and promote Functional Medicine practices.

Dr. Jessie Tierney, PT, DPT, E-RYT

Doctor of

Physical Therapy

Jessie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialized training in functional manual therapy, medical therapeutic yoga, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). She empowers clients to optimize their movement patterns, get out of pain, and truly thrive in their bodies. Appointments provide clients with one-on-one, focused attention that addresses the root cause of movement dysfunction. Jessie provides hands-on interventions and education. Learn more about PT services here


Jessie especially loves helping individuals dealing with chronic or unresolved pain as well as those who are looking to optimize the way they move through life. Our bodies are meant to feel great, and Jessie offers an integrative approach. She draws from over ten years of yoga teaching experience and over seven years in the physical therapy field with an intense passion for continuing education. She graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2018, where she conducted research on the effects of yogic breathing on chronic low back pain. She is an Experienced-Registered Yoga instructor certified through the Shambhava School of Yoga since 2010.  


When she’s not in the clinic, Jessie can be found exploring the trails on horseback, on foot, or by snowshoe, meditating, and practicing or teaching yoga.

To learn more about Jessie's Yoga practice, click here.

Gae Russo,
Office Coordinator

Gae has always been passionate about nutrition and fitness. She spent many years working in a physical therapy office and an athletic club where she learned the latest and greatest information on health.


Gae's journey into alternative medicine began a few years ago when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She was surprised when she became ill because she had faithfully followed all the advice from the experts. Traditional doctors tried to help, but finally said there was nothing more they could do. This is when she discovered Functional Medicine and all that it had to offer. It has turned her life around!

As the Director of Operations at the Healing Collective, Gae strives to create a positive, nurturing, and happy environment. She will answer your questions about the practice, help you set up appointments, and promote efficiency in the office to respect you and your time.   

When she's not at the office, Gae enjoys playing African drums and practicing Tai Chi. 

Raechel Koob,

Medical Assistant

For 10 years Raechel worked in dermatology as a Medical Assistant. She was passionate about it, but when she began having thyroid problems, developing food intolerances, had little to no energy, and developed anxiety and depression, she lost her drive and needed to seek help.


She took her health into her own hands. Raechel saw a Functional Medicine practitioner because she wanted to get to the root cause of what was happening. In-depth testing, different from the western medical approach, found that she had leaky gut, candida, adrenal fatigue, hormone problems, mold, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.


Through treatment, complete diet change, and patience Raechel began to heal and feel better. Because of this experience, she found her passion again through nutrition. Raechel is excited to work within Functional Medicine by helping with the process of patient journeys to get to the root cause of their problems.


In Raechel's free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, travel, and reading.

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