The Healing Collective Neuromovement

Anat Baniel Method

NeuroMovement® is a brain-based, scientifically supported approach to movement that facilitates making new neural connections in your brain. New connections can create significant functional improvements in your body and wake up your brain to new possibilities, through slow, gentle intentional movements.

Move your body to change your brain with Diane Zimmermann, Certified NeuroMovement practitioner.  NeuroMovement is an intervention that facilitates neuroplastic brain changes and helps you to access new pathways for health via various gentle nervous system inputs.


Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a brain-based, scientifically supported approach that can create significant functional improvements in anyone's life through slow and gentle movements.

"By accessing the amazing power of the brain to change itself, the method helps people discover how to improve the mind and body dramatically enhancing physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance." – Anat Baniel, Founder


  1. We work with the brain and the nervous system, focusing on enhancing brain function

  2. The movements we have our students participate in is not  so much exercise as a conversation between the body and the brain - this produces novel neuropathways (or re-introduces dormant pathways) and facilitates new possibilities for movement

  3. Participants are called upon to think, listen and to feel in an entirely new way 

  4. Movement is the language of the brain: the slow mindfulness of the movements wakes up the brain and creates new neural connections and opportunities to learn and change the brain