• Vagus Nerve: Your Secret to Sleep│Open Enrollment Online Self-Paced Course
    Open Enrollment - Join in Any Time
    In this mini-course, you will be guided by Dr. Jessie through 5+ hours of content that will empower you to tap into the power of your Vagus Nerves (you have four total!) to finally discover the missing piece for satisfying, restorative sleep.
  • Your Healing Ally (4 Class Series)
    On Pause due to Covid Restrictions
    The Healing Collective
    On Pause due to Covid Restrictions
    The Healing Collective, The Healing Collective Functional Medicine, 6800 North 79th Street, Niwot, CO, USA
    This 4 class series with Tracy Shulsinger, FNP, is aimed to support your healing and wellness journey. Stay tuned for the next session!
  • Brain Fest
    Time is TBD
    BeginFit Studio
    Time is TBD
    BeginFit Studio, 6800 N 79th St #104, Niwot, CO 80503, USA
    A night of Positive Brain Change Information & exercises that optimize Brain Health to Prevent & Reverse Dementia - DATE TBD!