During this challenging time, why go to a doctor's office when you can see a highly-skilled provider from the comfort and safety of your own home?  We offer telehealth visits that keep you and your community safe.  Some insurances are billable.  We look forward to serving you.


Telemedicine allows us to see you virtually
and serve your needs from the comfort of your home.


Once you schedule a visit, you will login to your Charm account, access the HIPPA-compliant Zoom visit, and be able to see your provider face-to-face during the entire duration of your consult.  


Functional Medicine supports your body’s ability to heal itself by identifying what is missing & replacing it, and identifying what is in excess & removing it.  Balance helps to restore the body’s natural state of health and wellness. We offer an integrative approach with personalized care to work with you to resolve chronic or confusing conditions.


Using the latest technology in pain management, skillful history taking & digital evaluation, and pain neuroscience education, we can help you feel better and get moving again, without drugs or surgery.




“I have been seeing Tracy since she opened her practice and would recommend her to anyone that wants to begin with a more natural/holistic approach to a health. I have enjoyed working with her and appreciate that she starts with blood work and makes a more accurate diagnosis. I have a low thyroid and she has been spot on with me figuring that and my hormone replacement therapy out.” 


-Carlee C. (age 62)


We are an out-of-network clinic and keep our rates affordable for those electing to pay cash.  Tracy Shulsinger, FNP, is in the process of verifying with United Healthcare regarding our ability to bill insurance for telehealth appointments. 

See our Pricing page for details.