The Healing Collective Shamanism

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a deep & profound healing modality that heals the spiritual aspects of illness. 
Individual sessions and workshops are offered as part of our sister healing practice, The Healing Collective Shamanism. There you will find information about individual sessions, workshops, contact information and location. 

Shamanism is a relationship-based practice of making changes in invisible realms to impact healing, of individuals or communities, in the realm of ordinary reality.

Shamanism is the oldest documented spiritual belief system, dating back 40,000 years. 
It’s practiced in every indigenous culture across the planet. It is an open-source practice rooted in the presence, gratitude, and the inter-connectivity of all things.

Shamans do not exclude other methods of healing. The shaman’s purpose is to make a person well, which can coordinate with modern medicine or technology.

To learn more about Shamanism, visit The Healing Collective Shamanism