FSM Group Mentorship for Practitioners

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FSM Mentorship Group Sessions with Dr. Jessie Tierney.

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Dr. Jessie is excited to share her love and knowledge to other medical professionals who are interested in learning how to implement Frequency Specific Microcurrent into your practice. These 60 minute sessions are Group Monthly Zoom Meetings, and are only $50 per session! ABOUT THE MENTORSHIP SESSIONS: - Up-Level Your Treatments - FSM Practice Design  - FSM as a Primary Modality - Go Beyond Mode Bank Pre-Programmed Protocols Come with all your questions and we'll work to get you clarity and confidence with optimizing your clinical FSM results. If you're wondering things like: How much should I charge?  How do I structure FSM rentals?  When is it appropriate to prescribe a home unit? How do I work with a challenging client? What if my current FSM approach 'isn't working' for this condition?  What frequencies would you use for _____?  ...you're in the right place. We can also cover challenging cases and strategize treatment approaches from a structural, functional and integrative perspective. ABOUT DR. JESSIE TIERNEY, PT, DPT Dr. Jessie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced training in Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  FSM is the primary modality that Dr. Jessie uses in her outpatient clinical practice, which consists of complex and chronic cases that have typically been failed by allopathic medicine.  Dr. Jessie graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University in 2018 and has been using FSM clinically since she began her practice.  Dr. Jessie loves continuing education:  she is a Certified HeartMath Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, has trained through the Institute of Physical Art, and is most recently working toward a Functional Medicine Certification through FMU. Dr. Jessie is an FSM Practicum Instructor for Frequency Specific Seminars with Dr. Carol McMakin.  She presented a Case Study on healing a failed Fundoplication Surgery with FSM & manual therapy and offered an Advanced training on Testing & Treatment Strategies for the Vagus Nerve in February 2022 at the FSM Advanced Seminar in Chandler, Arizona.  

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