Instructional videos on running your Rental FSM Unit

Reordering Electrode Pads

Need New Electrode Pads? 

First: did you know your electrode pads are REUSABLE?  If they lose adhesive, simply get them wet with water and you can use a band-aid, an ace bandage, or athletic tape to keep them in contact with the skin.

If you do decide that you'd like to order more electrode pads, here's where we get ours.  Any standard TENS unit electrode pads work for your device. 



Q: What do I do if the battery dies?

A: Your unit takes two AA batteries.  Slide the unit out of the plastic case, flip it over, slide the cover off and change the batteries.  Replacement batteries not included in your rental. 

Q: How can I tell if my leads are still working?

A: Preform the Water Test: while the unit is running a protocol, submerse all four leads into a cup of water.  If the leads are not working, the CH1 or CH2 (or both) red lights will turn on or blink.  If they are working, the lights will turn off.

Q: How frequently can I run ____ protocol.  

A: That depends on the protocol.  Some are fine to run once or even twice per day.  With others, it's recommended to run only once per week.  Check with Jessie to be clear on your plan of care.

Q: Can I use the unit on my husband / daughter / neighbor?

A: The official answer is no.  Think of this unit as a prescription drug.  It was prescribed to you.  A detailed history was taken to determine the best frequency combinations for your body, and running the unit on someone arbitrarily could pose problems.  Discuss this with Dr. Jessie if you need more clarity. 

Q: What are the best kind of towels to use for FSM?

A: Some patients have reported using thinner towels (like tea towels or flour sack towels) or even bandanas that tie easily around joints seem to work better than thick, fluffy towels. I would recommend organic towels as you want to make sure what's getting pushed into your system is non-toxic. 

Q: My channel lights are off.  What does that mean?

A: Your channel lights should be off: that means the unit is working appropriately.  If your channel lights are FLASHING or ON, that means that the current is being obstructed somehow and not running correctly.  Check the plug-ins, check that your electrodes or alligator clips are appropriately attached, or run the Water Test (see FAQ #2 above). 

Q: Any other tips for keeping the towels adhered?

A: Wrap saran wrap around the towel and alligator clip to keep things in place easily and keep warm.  Use an ace bandage wrapped around a plastic bag over the wet towel.  Put on your rain jacket over the setup to keep warm.  Use a clip chip to keep the towel in place.  Use a thinner towel that you can tie on, or tie bandanas together and use them in place of a towel. 

If you have any questions about your unit, don't hesitate to send Dr. Jessie a message through the Charm portal. 

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