The VAGUS NERVE online course

Open Enrollment | Self – Paced | Online Course

In this mini-course, you will be guided by Dr. Jessie through 5+ hours of online content that will empower you to tap into the power of Vagal Tone to finally discover the missing piece for satisfying, restorative sleep … and so much more.


  1. Understand the functional anatomy of your Vagus Nerve and how it directly relates to sleep

  2. Learn how YOU can quickly and easily assess the current functional status of your Vagal tone

  3. Perform simple interventions & techniques guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy that can reset your Vagus nerve and improve tone

  4. Attend a LIVE Online Question & Answer Session on June 20th so you can ask your specific questions to Dr. Jessie and get answers!

  5. BONUS: Diet, supplement and lifestyle shifts to support Vagal Tone from Tracy Shulsinger, FNP & Functional Medicine Practitioner

  6. Additional: the Vagus & Sleep Apnea

  7. Unlimited access to this online content so you can return to it again and again as needed to master these techniques and get the amazing sleep you crave!

If you have been suffering from insomnia and have tried EVERYTHING, the vagus nerve could be the missing piece.

This course offers an amazing value — for less than a quarter of the cost of the equivalent in-person visits with Dr. Jessie in the clinic, you get the content, understanding, and guided practice that saves you money, time, and precious energy. Plus the value of having a cohort to support your learning AND unlimited access to the rich information contained in hours and hours of course material, techniques, and practice sessions, you can learn how to re-invigorate your vagal tone and get back to THRIVING in your life.

PLUS: we are offering $50 off the first run of this course if you register by June 16th!

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