All New FSM Wraps for Home & Clinic Use

We are so excited to announce an all-new, handmade option that will help you to be mobile and keep the furniture from getting totally soaked while doing FSM treatments at home or in the clinic!

Featuring 100% organic bamboo on one side and neoprene for moisture control on the other side, these straps offer circumferential coverage to the neck, wrists, thighs, ankles, waist, etc so that you can wear your wraps during exercise or otherwise!

Custom-made right here in Niwot, CO, USA by Diane Zimmermann of Pathways Neurofitness to our exacting specifications.

Call our office to order yours today: 720-572-5236

These are a great alternative to the moist towels and are easier to keep in place because of the velcro feature. This idea emerged from the originator of this brilliant setup, FSM Sport Wraps and Kim Pittis, PT (if you are in Northern California, you gotta see Kim for FSM!), and added our own features based on feedback from clients.

We offer shipping or in-house pickup (must call before entering due to Covid Precautions).

Move Well | Breathe Well | Be Well !

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