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Enhance Your Inner State of Being for Immune Support!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020


Are you STUCK IN FEAR and worry about COVID-19 and despite having the best intentions of genuinely wanting to HELP THE WORLD, or your family & friends right NOW, you just can’t get your worried thoughts to stop spinning and KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT?

Do you feel helpless about what you can actually DO to make a difference?

Do you feel like you’re reeling and so overly-focused on the news that you feel you’ve lost your connection with your inner voice?

If this is you and you would like to experience a spiritual and healing practice that can help you to release fear and unsupportive energy, while also expanding your inner light and wellness, and providing loving kindness to others in the world, click here. You will be redirected to the recording on Facebook Live, where the practice was hosted.

In this experience, you will be guided to connect with your helping spirits in order to receive support and to provide support to the world. The purpose of this event is to provide benefit to each person's inner wellness and to know how we can support our fellow humans.

This also supports the immune system by:

- Reducing stress

- Supporting sleep- Shamanic journeying moves the brain waves into theta, a very relaxed state, just before delta, the brain wave state during sleep

- Enhancing feelings of goodness inside

- Shamanic journeying has been used for centuries as a healing modality

The intentions set for this shamanic journeying ceremony and the Facebook Live details can be found here on Facebook.

In addition to being a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am also a Shamanic Healing Practitioner. The truth is that true healing has the same intention: to maximize wellness and thriving in the individual! I love doing this with the whole person-body/mind/heart/spirit. Practicing in the medical field and facilitating spiritual healing has allowed me to cover a lot of bases with clients.

For more information about the practice: https://www.shamanism.thehealingcollective.us/

p.s.: SHARE THIS- the more people coming together in positive ways the better- it helps to balance out the fear and suffering.

Be well,

Tracy, FNP

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