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Patient Portal

Your healing journey has led you here. Let's continue together. At The Healing Collective, we utilize Functional Medicine to address the underlying causes of disease, looking at each patient as a unique individual and exploring healing from the inside-out.


The Patient Portal allows you to:​

  • Have 24/7 access to your records, lab results and treatment plan​

  • Exchange messages securely with your provider​

  • Receive handouts and documents​

  • Schedule appointments​

  • Fill out forms conveniently (and save paper!)​

  • Upload prior test results for your provider


After booking your appointment with us, your invitation to create a Charm patient portal registration and forms will be emailed to you.  You cannot register yourself as a patient in the portal- we must send you an invitation to establish yourself in the patient portal. 


Once you establish care with our practice, you will receive an email invitation to login to your Charm Patient Portal. If you are an existing patient and do not have access to the Patient Portal, please contact us.

Existing Patients (NOT New Patients): Click here to go to the Charm Patient Portal.