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Your Healing Ally (4 Class Series)

This 4 class series with Tracy Shulsinger, FNP, is aimed to support your healing and wellness journey. Stay tuned for the next session!
Your Healing Ally (4 Class Series)

Time & Location

On Pause due to Covid Restrictions
The Healing Collective, The Healing Collective Functional Medicine, 6800 North 79th Street, Niwot, CO, USA

About the Event

Investment: $120 (for the 4 classes)

About the Classes:

Creating a Healing Environment by:

  • The Power of Group
  • Deep relaxation
  • Insight
  • Going Within
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Ancient Healing Wisdom

This course is for you if you are: 

  • Receiving medical care
  • Not feeling like you're quite covering all the aspects of what's contributing to you not feeling well
  • Interested in consciously including all aspect of yourself in your medical care and healing
  • Curious or open to practices that support your whole self
  • Wanting to be around other people who are also focused on healing & wellness 
  • Desiring more relaxation, deeper self-connection, and being more present in your life

I am offering a course series to address all of these, and more!  

This is in a class setting rather than one-on-one for a very important reason. Patients who engage in group medical appointments in addition to individual appointments have better outcomes.  This class will cap at a maximum of 12.

Additionally, Your Healing Ally Class Series supports a fuller. more complete healing experience. This critical aspect of healing- including body, mind, emotions, and spirit in the healing process, is often what accelerates healing and makes it possible to experience the outcomes desired for wellness-and to ultimately thrive in your life. 

In Your Healing Ally Class Series, we will be dedicating each week to a different aspect of self: 

  • Week 1: Body
  • Week 2: Mind
  • Week 3: Heart/Emotions
  • Week 4: Spirit 

 Each class has a similar outline:  

  • *Arrive and do mini self-assessment.
  • **Opening Circle using Authentic Relating Practices to guide the group.
  • Tracy, FNP will introduce the practice for that evening & the evidence behind it.
  • ***The Practices for the evening.
  • Individual reflection/journaling.
  • Closing circle using authentic relating.
  • Mini self-assessment, then departing.

*Mini Self-Assessment: You will be asked to answer a few questions about how you're doing before & after the class. The purpose is for you to pay greater attention to yourself in this way & have greater insight about how you're affected by the practices. I also will use this information to continue to develop and improve the class. (1-2 mins.)  

**Authentic Relating: This creates a safe, comfortable container for the group. The 5 practices of Authentic Relating will guide how we open and close the group when we share our present experiences and how we receive other's experiences.  

The 5 practices of Authentic Relating are (per Authentic Relating Training):  

1. Welcome Your Experience 

2. Assume Wrong 

3. Reveal Your Experience 

4. Own Your Experience 

5. Honor Self Honor 

***The Practices: We will do 2 brief grounding practices in each class that support chi (energy in the body) and support your central meridian and governing channels (meridians that run in the center of the body). 

Next, we will move into the main practice for the evening:

For the body, we will do progressive muscle relaxation & guided meditation to connect & communicate with the body.  

For the mind, a breath meditation.  

For the heart/emotions, a forgiveness practice and Meta (Compassion) Meditation.  

For the spirit, a shamanic healing practice called transfiguration.  (5 mins to introduce the topic and share evidence of the effectiveness & 25 mins for the practices). 

I am offering this class to you because this holistic approach is missing in our medical system. We are whole, complete beings and I hold equal importance to the state of our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit.  We are each immensely powerful and our healing & wellness are mainly up to us. By doing practices, we can lead ourselves to greater wellbeing. To me, wellbeing means feeling great in our own skin and in the experience of our life. I truly believe we are here to enjoy living-yet when we do not feel well, this is more difficult. So let's get and be well together!  

About Tracy Shulsinger:

I have been working in healing & wellness for 20 years in Allopathic Medicine and Shamanic Healing. There is such great wisdom, power, and effectiveness in working with all aspects of self for healing, yet this is rarely done. Now is the time to include this missing piece. 

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