Shamanic Journeying Workshops and Gatherings

Please read here to note the difference between the Gathering & Workshop:
* Shamanic Journeying Gathering: monthly offered, gathering for community to come together for connection, shamanic journeying and practice
(instruction not provided)

* Shamanic Journeying Workshop: seasonally offered, workshop instructing on how to shamanic journey, and more…details of both are below


Shamanic Journeying Gathering and Community Potluck

Date: In transition- Non scheduled at this time.
Look at for other shamanic gatherings in Boulder

Begin with community connecting and sharing food from 6:30-7.  We will circle up and begin the shamanic journeying and practicing right at 7. Be ready by 7!   

For the shamanic journey group, journeying experience is recommended but not mandatory. If you don’t journey yet, your experience can be more meditative- still receiving beneficial effects of the drumming, sacred ceremony, and group healing ceremony.  There will not be instructions on how to journey at this gathering though.

There are 4 components to this group.  Each component focuses on connecting with a different part of ourselves- body, mind, and spirit; and will end healing ceremony

Part I: Mind
The gathering will open up with a short teaching of the theme of the evening.  Some past themes have been: change, choice, what is my great mystery, being in alignment with self, empowerment through the solar plexus, visiting the “Love Den,” & spiritual broadcasting into the collective consciousness. See the “Spirit Blog” page for a more complete description of the past themes.

Part II: Body
We will set the space within and together as a group by doing several body centered practices such as dancing, drumming and rattling, & group activity to connect with one another… all of which prepare our body, minds & spirits for journeying.

Part III: Spirit

For the shamanic journeying portion of the gatherings, a journey intention directly related to the theme will be offered first, then followed by a journey where a theme will not be offered- so bring your questions, intentions, prayers, do a journey for self healing, or….
If the shamanic journey theme that is offered doesn’t speak to you, do your own journey instead!   There will be 2-3 opportunities to journey.

Part IV: Healing Ceremony

To close our evening, we will have a healing ceremony. One example of a group healing ceremony is a group transfiguration. Transfiguration is a powerful practice for self and environmental healing.  After learning to transfigure at the journey group one can easily continue this practice at home. The results are incredible!
Another possibility is a group prayer.
When we come together for focused healing, each of our prayers for ourselves and the universe are greatly amplified.
We are truly here to work together!   

Please Bring:
– blanket to sit or lay on
– rattle and/or drum if you have one- some available also
– journal and pen and/or sketchpad
– eye cover/scarf
– curiosity and adventure!
– a snack to share if coming for the community connecting 


Shamanic Journeying Workshop:  Explorations Into Self and Spirit 

Date: In transition- not scheduled at this time

This is an introductory workshop and is welcome to beginners/experienced.
Workshop will include:

Part I: Embodiment Shamanic Practices

We will connect with ourselves through prayerful body movement, including an energy medicine daily routine, 4 elements group ritual, and clearing/receiving dance.  This clearing/receiving dance has 2 parts. The first releases blockages, beliefs & energy that are not in our highest good. The second part invites in supportive, nurturing, inspirited energy into self. This includes about 1 hour of practice that can be repeated at home to maintain flow, clarity, and clean energy on a daily basis. I refer to this practice as a living prayer. After this practice, the body, mind, spirit is open and ready to connect further!

Part II: Discussion and Teachings

– What is Shamanic Journeying and it’s history

– What are spirit guides/power animals

– What are the benefits of shamanic journeying

– How to journey

Part III: Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

– Opening and grounding meditation before each journey to facilitate journeying

– Journeys to meet power animal/spirit guide, receive healing and to divine information

After completing this workshop you will be invited to shamanic journey groups. During shamanic journey groups, journeys may be for personal, community, and/or healing intentions. Shamanic journey groups are filled with drumming, rattling & dancing, are fun, festive, enlivening, healing, balancing… they are good medicine!

Please Bring:
– blanket/pillow to sit or lay on
– rattle and/or drum if you have one- some available also
– journal and pen and/or sketchpad
– eye cover/scarf
– curiosity and adventure!


Continued Exploration Into Shamanic Journeying Workshop (Beyond the Basics) 

Date: Contact Tracy for dates
Time: 12-5 pm
Cost: $70 pre-registration, $78 day of 
Contact: Tracy, 703-909-7416
RSVP (space is limited)

There are 3 components to this workshop.  Each component connects us with a different part of ourselves- body, mind, and spirit.

Part I: Embodiment Shamanic Practices
We will connect with ourselves and open the body to support journeying through prayerful body movement.  After this practice of dancing, connecting with the group and 4 Elements Ritual, the body, mind, spirit is open and ready to connect further!

Part II: Discussion and Teachings
Dive deeper into shamanic teachings
* Divination Journeys (divine information for another)
* Middle World Journeys
* Pod Journeys
* Illness from a shamanic perspective
* Dismemberment
* Transfiguration

Part III: Beyond Intro Journeys
Now that a relationship has been established with Non-Ordinary reality and spirit guides, we will explore new ways to journey for divining information for self, others, groups, and for healing. The teachings from Part II will be enlivened by experiencing their power in your journey.

Please Bring:
– blanket/pillow to sit or lay on
– rattle and/or drum if you have one (some will be available)
– journal and pen and/or sketchpad
– eye cover/scarf
– curiosity, openness and adventure!


Shamanic Healing Class Series 

Date: If this speaks to you, please contact Tracy
Time: 7-9 pm (series of 4)
Cost: $108 total
Contact: Tracy, 703-909-7416
RSVP (space is limited)

This series is offered to individuals who have experienced a shamanic healing session and would like to continue deepening their healing experience in the present, and create a future from a place of wholeness.

During this series we will use the insights, experiences, and growth from your healing session for continued understanding, empowerment, integration, and healing. We will explore teachings, journeys, and ceremonies that are related to soul loss & empowerment, releasing toxic energies & protection from toxic energies, staying empowered & deeply connected to the true self and purpose.

While we will be honoring the shamanic healing experience from your shamanic healing sessions, this series is not focused on past wounds. This series is focusing on moving forward, releasing the past with kindness and stepping further into the self and life that is beyond wounds of the past. The main focus will be on creating a beautiful, empowered, connected present and future.

Journeying experience is recommended but not necessary. Journeying will be done at each gathering. For those who do not journey but would like to participate, you may meditate on the journey intentions… asking is always the first step; so while some may be journeying, others may be meditating and using the same intention as those who are journeying, to guide there meditation. Being able to journey will be a big enhancement to your experience though!