“Tracy Shulsinger is a brilliant shamanic teacher and practitioner. All who work with Tracy will find her to bring through a beautiful and graceful power. She sets up sacred and a safe space filled with love and light. I am so grateful for the work Tracy is sharing! All of you will greatly benefit from working with and studying with Tracy Shulsinger.” 
– Sandra Ingerman, author of “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth”

“Tracy is an amazing person to work with. I had no idea what to expect going into my first shamanic healing with her, but she helped me feel comfortable and prepared. She is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. When I went to her, I was really struggling on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Since the session, which included a soul retrieval, a chain reaction of healing has been sparked.  I feel so much more whole, complete, and happy with myself. I recommend her to everyone.” -J. S.


“Working with Tracy has been an unbelievable pleasure and a HUGE help to my life. I had for a long time been struggling with a lot of physical, emotional, and spiritual stuff stemming from years of trauma. Prior to meeting Tracy I knew very little about Shamanic practice, but she is very knowledgable, friendly, and very successful at what she does. I have done a shamanic journey workshop along with two healing sessions which she did a soul retrieval. I incorporated a lot of what I learned from her healing sessions and workshops into my personal healing, meditation and lifestyle and am today am doing better and am happier and healthier than ever!  I would totally recommend her to anyone interested in learning about or receiving shamanic healing. Blessings :)” -P.


“I received a shamanic healing session from Tracy in December 2013.
It was primarily to restore some vitality and balance during the hectic holidays and also to simply experience what shamanic healing is.
At the end of the hour I felt relaxed and rested. I’ll admit I was skeptical but I had an interesting physical awareness of energy moving in my body that was real and therapeutic.  I found shamanic journeying to be soothing and a useful experience I’ll repeat with Tracy.
I’d never experienced this practice before. I had no expectations, mostly curiosity. Tracy creates a connection during the session and has good presence. At the conclusion she shared her perceptions of what was revealed to her during the journey and I explained what I had experienced. I wasn’t expecting a follow up like that. This helpful and personal conclusion to our session gave it more substance and validity to me.” – L.H. 

“I had the wonderful opportunity to experience both shamanic healing and a shamanic journeying workshop with Tracy.  She is a truly insightful and compassionate healer.  I sought healing during a time of major transition in my life, when I was feeling unsure of myself and experiencing mild seasonal affective depression. I had no experience with shamanism or reiki before working with Tracy, and didn’t know what to expect from the sessions. After the shamanic reiki sessions, I felt calm, composed, and more present. Tracy explained what she discovered in the healing session, and that insight gave me better clarity on my path in the days afterwards… while I was also experiencing more positive energy. In the shamanic journeying workshop, I felt welcomed and experienced a circle of trust.  Tracy is a truly gifted healer who listens with an open heart, and I would absolutely recommend working with her.” – J.D.


“Tracy has tremendous compassion and clarity.  Her work brings those qualities out in me, and always leaves me feeling healed and whole.” -J.T.

“From my experiences Tracy is rare beyond words- so caring, so adept at her crafts, her work with energy- with Eden Energy Medicine and shamanic healing.  The essence of why her treatment methods are so effective is the blend of ancient wisdom and drawing upon new revelations to our world. She works with one foot in this world firmly planted, and the other foot in the spirit world.  I have been more in my body, but I also feel more liberated in the soul.
Currently she has been treating spiritual aspects that are associated with my illness, problems in the past and present, all the while repairing energy systems ravaged throughout the years from my Lyme Disease, Lyme co-infections and mold toxins. We have been strengthening my energy fields + systems, clearing blockages, activating circuits, and so much more.  The treatments are both empowering and comforting, help me to control my energies and become more responsive to positive work, to clear brain fog, help pain, function better throughout the day,  through daily energy routines she encourages me to do, through empowerment, knowledge and discipline – with joyful results!   For people such as myself, largely developed in disease, this is miraculous. Tracy is also an Family Nurse Practitioner, again another amazing angle of knowledge, but I am experiencing her energy and shamanic work- divine healing with in energy fields, repairing/adjusting through her hyrbridized technique, unblocking the flow of this meridian, clearing this pathway and chakra, shooting light into others, and with shamanic work using drums, singing, music, sage.  Her work is amazing. I cannot stress that enough as someone who is transforming, from nearly a lost cause in blinding pain to wonderful swelling in the heart and healing in the body. The work has ranged from decreasing edema in my legs and head, helping me to tolerate eating, decrease stress, regain hope, to cathartic release of pain held onto from early life and perhaps those beyond, to making me a happy member of this blooming, buzzing confusion we call life, aware of the beauty in our existence, the powers of love, gratitude, compassion, and service awakened. Western medicine had reached the end of the road in a way- most people told me to give up hope. Not this kind soul, I feel more in control of my energy, my life force. Love and compassion continue to swell and help me along healing these illnesses, and address the causes in the first place, energetic fields, anything that may be causing or blocking. My disease is controlling my life less and less  by the day, and on an intuitive level i feel i have learned the lessons i could have, and it is time to get better.
Also, her workshops are wonderful, and they lead to group journeys that have been amazing in meeting wonderful souls and fellow seekers.  The name the Healing Collective is so aptly named.  Along my journey I keep meeting fellow travelers touched by Tracy’s work and devotion to mending the web of life, the quantum ocean; as well as fellow healers, and in the collective I experience cathartic healing, zaps of happy energy, empowerment… as one can see I get excited because it is spiritual science in a sense, and has touched my being to it’s very core.   If one experiences these efforts together as i have, energy work and shamanic healing, then one may rapidly obtain senses of purpose, power, can often literally feel the energy moving….. if science keeps telling us all matter is energy, so we are magical beings of energy, does it not make sense to learn to help aid these fields, to control them, to let them work for you?” – R.O.