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Spirit Blog contains teaching and journeys from my spirit guides. For each Shamanic Journeying Gathering (see Workshops page for details) I will journey in preparation for the gathering with the following journey intention:

“Please share with me a teaching/insight/ceremony that I can share with the journey group, that is useful and relevant for each person at the journey group. Please also give me a journey that each person can do, to personalize and connect with this teaching.”

After journey groups I will blog what the journey was, to share this journey with you! You can also receive spirit’s teaching, and do a journey in your own time and space.

Journey Group
In this journeying gathering we explored the topic of being a human being or a human doing and spiritual broadcasting.
Topic/Intention: 1. Dear guides reveal to me if I am residing more as a human being or a human doing, and how can I shift to be more of a human being.
2. What is a message that I deeply care about that I can raise awareness of by broadcasting it louder within the collective consciousness…. or… how can I raise awareness within the collective consciousness about this ______ message that I feel is important to be spiritually broadcasted .
The topic of broadcasting was downloaded to me spontaneously when I was at a lecture by Naomi Klein- a journalist I highly recommend!  She was speaking about environmental preservation and demonstrating how impoverished communities are suffering the most by weather changes and natural disasters. She gave examples of effective and ineffective environmental policy proposals & stated that Bernie Sander’s environmental policy goals are the only ones proposed by presidential candidates, that have a chance of making a difference. Then the broadcasting download came. I was guided to spread this message into the collective consciousness by asking people to take this man and his mission seriously, “to look his way, to notice him.” Whether he wins or not, his message needs to be heard, and hopefully will influence many of us towards greater social and environmental care and responsibility. 

Journey Group 
In honor of Valentines Day, the journey intention was to visit the Love Den.
Topic/Intention: Dear guides, take me to the Love Den so I can explore within and experience this place.  
The Love Den is a location in NOR (Non-Ordinary Reality) that a wonderful young journeyer, Brandan age 11, visits frequently and wrote about in a delightful little book.

***There was a several month journey group break here due to life!***

Journey Group 
For this journey group, my guides are switching it up a little- I got two intentions (and I only asked for one)  Life is never predictable or boring with the guides!
Topic: Show me the art of letting go and how the art of letting go can affect me.
This phrase “the art of letting go” is exactly how my guides presented this topic and journey intention to me. My initial reaction was that I already know about this, I know it’s important, that we should all do to more than we probably do… I wasn’t actually that interested in this journey. When I went further however, spirit showed me layers and nuances of letting go that were so alive, juicy, subtle, profound & deep- and at that point the art of letting go really clicked!
Topic: Take me on a journey into the heart.
Spirit wants this journey to be unexplained, as not to influence the thoughts about what this intention actually means, before individuals do their own journey on it. So go journey and find out!

Journey Group 
Topic/Intention: Is there anything that is in my past that I can made aware that needs healing, either than I have done or that I feel was done to me?  I am here to atone and to forgive.
The word atonement can be understood as At-One-Ment. When we atone, we let go and release, to then become more at one with ourselves and with spirit. We release blockages, layers, and barriers through atoning and forgiveness.  We face shadows within, acknowledge the perfection in the imperfection, and by brining the shadow into the light, we can release and literally lighten up!  This was a more emotional gathering, with many people touched to tears by their journeys and releases. Yet, it ended with happy embraces and fulfillment knowing that good work was shared.

Journey Group
Topic/Intention: Connect me with the nature and state of my solar plexus chakrah and how I can further support my solar plexus chakra and my personal empowerment.
This was a unique gathering because Diana and Lilelle, Siberian Shamans were visiting Boulder and co-lead this gathering with me!  Lilelle lead a more guided journey, taking the group on a journey into deep mountains to meet a teacher. Once the teacher was met, each journeyer asked this teacher about their solar plexus chakra and empowerment.

Journey Group
Topic/Intention: How do I know when I am in alignment with myself- based on feelings, awareness, signs, etc.? How can I live/what choices can I make to live more in alignment with myself?
After this journey, many of the shamanic journeyers stated that they received good reminders. The message they received felt familiar-  it was not unknown to them, however their messages helped them to refocus and to more deeply connect with themselves.  This is such a perfect place of intervention. When we can refine by receiving a gentle nudge, its so much easier to realign…rather than receiving the message when we are much more off our path. The distance to traveling back into alignment when we are more off our path is much further.  A regular shamanic journey practice (and many other practices) can show us how we are supported to stay on our path, rather than living a more polarized life of straying back and forth.
One journeyer received the awareness that she has been living very much unaligned with herself and she received insight into how to realign. She really had no idea until her guides showed her this in her journey, but it felt so true and obvious once it was pointed out. Thank you guides for that powerful medicine for our sister!

Journey Group
Topic/Intention: What is my great mystery?
This practice and journeying gathering felt very special, being held by the shamanic journeying intention, “What is my great mystery?” I love how deeply personal, nurturing, expansive, and infinite this topic is. Spirit really surprised me as I have not heard this question before- such the essence of spirit and shamanic journeying to present surprise, the unexpected, newness.
The responses that the journeyers received were as diverse as we each are!  Some saw into elements of themselves and their gifts, others saw into the nature of spirit, many reported that they had much to sit with and digest, while others were unable to put their experiences into words. The journeyers appeared touched and left with a feeling of support and intrigue. Thank you to the infinite Great Mystery that breathes life into us again and again!

Journey Group 
Topic/Intention: Change
Spirit offered the group 2 journeys on Change.
The first journey intention was tuning into the greater change in the collective, that is effecting the planet and all the life on the planet. This was more of a community journey, where we shared our journey insights with one another. There were many common experiences and messages.  Many of the journeyers got very hot, sensed the element of fire, and big transformation which fire represents. There were prophesies about balancing masculine and feminine, the poles of the universe rotating, much “death” before rebirth, and in the end, a more harmonious way of living.  A general sense of difficult changes which were then followed by an existence more in alignment with spirit was felt.
The second journey intention was to understand how this change will effect us each as individuals, and how we can live now, through difficult changing times, in a graceful and adaptive way. These were personal journeys which were not shared with the group.  People are always welcome to share one on one, but there was not a group sharing. My guides advised me to stay very strong in my daily practices of connecting with myself, staying grounded, and strong in my body. They specifically advised me to do Qigong as a regular practice.  This is very fitting, as Qigong is an energy balancing, restoring, strengthening, and healing practice. So as the energies around me may be chaotic, my inner energy can maintain a healthy flow.

Journey Group
Topic/Intention: Revelations
Revelations are communication from spirit. Shamanic journeying is a practice of direct revelation. It is a way to tune in directly to the supportive spirit guides/power animals/ancestors/angels, etc. that walk this life journey with us. During non journey times however, spirit continues to communicate with us, by revealing omens, signs, hints, guidance, etc. through various channels. These communication lines can include animals, lines in songs that seem perfect for you at that time, special numbers, other people, dreams, hunches, and much more!
While this information about revelations is an important reminder, the purpose of this journey gathering’s topic is not to teach about revelations, but rather to connect with our relationship with receiving revelations.

The journey intention was,
“What is my relationship with revelations from spirit?  How am I receiving spirit’s messages? How can I receive messages more clearly?”

The answer that I received from this journey was,
“When you slow down you hear a lot more.”
… that was it… such profound messages are often best stated succinctly. They stand up even taller on their own!
I then asked spirit to help me to slow down.  Now for the last several weeks since the journeying gathering I have been unusually tired… which has been forcing me to slow down. I get it!  (Be careful what you ask for)  Now that I have slowed down I am feeling my energy level return to my norm, and am excited to be further supporting my receptivity to revelations. One of the qualities I love dearly about shamanism are the outcomes… while remaining unattached to specific outcomes is important, experiencing outcomes is expected. 

Journey Group
Topi/Intentionc: Paradigms
The guides taught the following about paradigms:
Paradigms are beliefs that have quite a strong influence over the decisions we make in our lives, about the energies we attract into our lives and what we are attracted to. They effect the direction we take and the course of action in our life. While this is a strong influence, we have choice in the matter of our paradigms. We choose to or not to believe in them. The paradigms that we believe or do not believe in can create many opened or closed doors in our life. They can support our growth or limit it. Therefore, it is very important to know what paradigms we have subscribed to.
One journeyer asked, is a paradigm like a “view?”
The answer is yes and….
It is like a view, however, the power of the paradigm extends further than the reaches of a view. The paradigm has much more influence and control, much more reach and action that just how we view life.
One image the guides shared was a person with strings attached to them, like a puppet. Except the string were not attached from above, but attached and extending horizontally.  The strings are related to the paradigm, controlling which moves the person makes (going forward or backwards, right or left, moving fast or slow, or staying in place)  in order to move within the belief system that has been imposed upon us (willingly though perhaps unconsciously) by taking on the paradigm.

The guides offered several journeys for the group to do:
1. What are paradigms? (After the journey, people then shared further teachings with the group about what paradigms are…so we heard from one another’s guides and journeys, not just mine. We are all teachers and students!)
2. What paradigm or paradigms am I living with and how are they affecting me? (People were surprised by the answers, and they made complete sense! This was powerful and eye opening!!)
3. How might a shift in my paradigm, or a complete letting go of my paradigm support my life further?  Thank you for supporting me in this now.  (This final journey is where people received healing/shifting from their guides)

This month’s teachings taught me that we don’t actually need to have paradigms at all, and this is a choice we can all make. They can be controlling and limiting. However, if we do subscribe to living by the parameters of a paradigm in our life, it is important to know what the paradigm is, so that it is supportive of growth and evolution, rather than limiting and confining within the belief structure of that paradigm.

Journey Group 
This month’s journey is particularly useful to do over and over again, especially during challenging times.
Topic/Intention: Dismemberment and Rememberment: Journey to a spirit guide and ask to be dismembered and then remembered with the power/wisdom/gifts of your spirit guide. In a dismemberment journey our guide gives us a healing by spiritually taking us apart…dis-membering…as a symbol and metaphor of releasing/cleansing to release anything that is not in our highest good. The process can actually appear gruesome. For example in one of my dismemberment journeys my guides ripped off my head and poured read hot lava inside my body. This is pure metaphor to show a visual representation of burning away/tearing away/ripping away the old in order to make room for new, supportive, higher vibrational energy. The feeling and energy of this ceremony it is one of trust, gratitude, healing, love, help, support. After the dismemberment we are then remembered… reconstructed anew, no longer containing the stuck, blocking, stagnant, unhelpful energy that was released during the dismemberment. To take it one step further, next ask your guide to infuse their magical, wise, empowered energy into you for your greatest good. Lastly, you can ask your guides for understanding about the energy that is being released by the dismemberment- where did it come from, how to prevent taking on toxic energy, how to prevent energetic blockages, etc. This is a very powerful and healing ceremony. In the end, express your deep gratitude!

Journey Group 
The past week has been particularly challenging for many of us, and I have felt it too!  When I looked for insight astrologically, it all made sense. So many major shifts and changes were happening in the sky, and us earthlings were feeling their impact.
We started out the group by watching The Human Design Transit Talk, which explained the planetary movement.  These talks are generously offered most weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeHXAjI9DCA
So the next question is: what now???
After understanding something via an information download, we often can relate to it as a concept, but does this fully help us shift, move, and feel better?  Sometimes, perhaps a little, but much of the time, understanding on this more surface level creates some instant comfort but little ongoing changes.
Alas, the great spirit guides offered a solution when I journeyed and asked, “considering the current planetary movement and how it is affecting many of us, what journey will be most supportive and impacting for the journey group?”
Our group journey question was, “what can I do during these challenging times where I am feeling pushed and pulled, to stay connected to my heart, and to nurture my heart.”