What is Energy Healing

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The whole world is composed of energy!  We live in an environment that can be supportive or unsupportive of our own individual energy systems.  Energy healing moves, removes, and introduces energy into the body to achieve a state of balance and harmony within.

Reiki translates as universal life force energy. “Rei” means universal and “ki” means chi/qi or energy. Reiki energy healing invites universal life force healing energy into the reiki practitioner, through the practitioner and into the client/recipient. Reiki is a gentle, relaxing, balancing energy healing modality. While being subtle and gentle in experience,  it’s effects have been studied and researched and found to very supportive for many purposes. These include but are not limited to providing relief of symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy including nausea, anxiety, discomfort, pain, and insomnia. Reiki aims to harmonize, relax, and energize the full self, thus the therapeutic effects can benefit a diverse range of states of health or dis-ease.

Shamanic Reiki is reiki combined with shamanic extraction. In my shamanic reiki sessions, I first connect with healing spirit guides to identify and remove energy blockages, stagnant and misplaced energy. This is followed by reiki, thus reiki energy fills in the places where energy blockages previously were. This session also includes a chakra clearing and balancing.

Eden Energy Medicine is an energy healing practice that assesses, diagnoses, and treats energy imbalances in the 9 energy systems of the body using energy testing and balancing techniques. There is a strong basis on the meridian systems in the body, also utilized to assess and balance energy in traditional chinese medicine. EEM also works with the auric field, chakras, radiant circuits, celtic weave, the grid, electrics, triple warmer, and the 5 rhythms. One of the most extraordinary elements of this modality is the daily energy routine, and other self-healing energy practices that can easily be done at home. Having a daily energy routine practice helps to anchor and maintain the energy healing work that was done between practitioner and client. It is a very supportive, healing, and empowering feature of this energy healing approach. I have witnessed changes in clients that would be considered not possible or miraculous by some standards of medical practice.