**There are 2 different contacts listed below. The first contact is for Shamanic and Energy Healing.
The second contact is for Functional Medicine, for Tracy’s practice as an Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner**

Contact for Shamanic and Energy Medicine:

Tracy Shulsinger

703-909-7416, call or text

Individual Healing Sessions Office location: 1629 Canyon Blvd. Suite #5, Boulder, CO 80302
Directions: From Canyon Blvd. turn north onto 17th st. Turn left into alley (the first left). The parking area is the 2nd set of parking places on the left. The parking area is behind a little cottage that is connected to a wood walkway and to a building with a large wooden staircase. The cottage is the healing space and is across from the waiting room. When you arrive, please go to the waiting room and I will meet you there.

Workshop Locations: Boulder Kung Fu 3200 Carbon Place Suite 105 Boulder, CO 80301
Directions: The studio is located in The Stealyards, a neighborhood of homes and office studios. The Steelyards are off of 30th st, south of Valmont Ave, just a few blocks behind Fresh Thymes Restaurant and Pico Coffee House. Carbon Place is in the southeast corner of the Stealyards.

Contact for Integrative Medical Care: 

Tracy Shulsinger, FNP-C

Office e-mail address:

Office phone: 720-273-3568

Office website:

Office location: 5377 Manhattan Circle, Suite 204. Boulder, CO 80303